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It seems like many people are making money online these days, but some of the internet money making strategy you find online or in internet money making books just don’t seem to fit with your  website or your money making plan. 

Some, in fact, deal with spamming or posting your website all over, and you may not be very comfortable with that.  Below are some internet money making website features that may be more in like with your personal philosophy.

The more important practice in internet money making is to be careful with your website features.  Many people, especially those who have never done a website before, want to make it very colorful or use a lot of fancy animation and such. 

After all, the idea is to make it grab the viewer’s attention, right?

piggy bank on chalk board

Not exactly! While walking past a decorated store window may grab people’s attention, it doesn’t quite work that way online.  No one is simply walking past your site—if they’re on your page, then you’ve got their attention. 

What you want to convey right off is what your internet money making website  is about and what you can offer them, not blind them with bright colors.

Those fancy flash menus, movies, and animation aren’t necessary, either.  The menus can be fine, but you want to minimize the number of animations and large graphics on your main page. 

These graphics can take extra time to download, and the animations might actually cause your viewer’s computer to act up if they don’t have the right version of Flash or other add-on installed.

Blue www and Earth

The menus, too, can cause some issues with older versions of internet browsers.  Look for some internet money making website that use menus that require no extra add-ons or use add-ons that are very, very common. 

You don’t want a potential customer leaving your website in annoyance because your menu didn’t load or work correctly.

Be aware of the amount of content on your pages, too.  Users don’t always want to read huge chunks of text on their monitors, especially since it bothers some people’s eyes.  Instead, break up your text into different pages. 

That’s not to say that you want a bunch of short pages, but you want each major topic or area to have its own page.

If you’re selling items from your website, make certain to set up a way to search your site for particular items.  You’ll also want to allow the user to browse your products by different ways—product name, price, and product category are good ideas. 

Give your customer as many options for finding things as you can.

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It’s hard to say exactly what a “great” internet money making website is, especially since what’s good and bad can differ by industry or niche.  The best advice for designing your website and for marketing on the internet in general is to look at sites in the same market as your site. 

Incorporate things you like from those sites into yours.  The best internet money making website feature, after all, are successful site that attract a lot of customers.

BUT how can we achieve at that?, there is more information and easy methodology on and make your internet money making website successful. Making Money.Systems: Internet Money Making hopes that you have received some informative ideas here.

My name is Judi Jaques. I am a 60 year old Affiliate, who now only works when I want to. I used to think to generate an income was difficult, but now I know it isn’t.

We were not put on this earth to struggle in life to continually try to earn money. when I started to think differently about money my whole world changed.

I know the internet is the way of the future. Future generations take to technology very easily and we as growing seniors should embrace this age while we can. We are all here for a good time not a long time.

Don’t let money rule your world. Look at money as a form of energy, the more you have the more you can give away. The internet and making money has been my life now for 6 years. I love it so can you.

Thank you for reading!!

Author: Judi Jaques