Making Money.Systems: Online money made easy – Starts with you

Making Money.Systems: Online money made easy – Starts with you

It is the ultimate goal.  Work online and earn money from home – even when you are not working.  Yet it’s a lot easier said than done.  Millions of advertisements are posted online daily still most of them prove to be scams.  Is there a legit way of achieving your goal?

‘How to start your business with nothing’ is a complete online course that shows you exactly how to do it in easy step-by-step chapters.

This course is about crises management – you need to start a business which start showing profit fast and you don’t have months to plan ahead.

Although we won’t create a full business plan before starting your business we do need to have some kind of plan.  Once your business is running and you start to settle a little bit we’ll get to the big pan.

The person who first said

Failing to plan is planning to fail

really knew what he was talking about.  You should at least have some idea of where you are heading.  You might feel a bit confused by now because how can you plan a business without even having a product?  Relax.

The best way of improving your chances of success is making your business personal.  If you love what you do, you’ll do a lot more, and better, without feeling like you’re working at all.

The options of online business opportunities is endless.  A more logical place to start is with you.  Make yourself a cup of coffee and spend a little time thinking about what you want from this business.  How much time can you put into it?

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Not sure what I’m talking about?  Let me illustrate:

If you are looking for something to earn you money online but you are not willing to do any work, simply buy specialized software and let it do it all for you.  AutoAffPro sell software that makes it easy to earn affiliate income – click to add links to ebooks and watch your profit roll in.  Midas Method uses an automated race betting system to make money for it’s owner.

Not into betting?  No problem.  Amazing Forex System says that they will double your capital in 60 days.  The Lazy Money System sounds like my dreams coming true.

Unfortunately this course is not about earning free money – it’s about doing real hard work.  Still, you have a million different options to work online and earn real money.  Your personality is the key to finding the right solution.

If you prefer being told what to do and getting precise instructions on how to do it, you should do well by filling in surveys.  Legit Online Surveys pays for surveys – you don’t even need to register.  Work at Home Survey Jobs does need registration and ask a fee for it’s services.  However at a $1 trail it’s worth taking the risk.

Data Entry Jobs and translator jobs are everywhere.  Just find a legit company and you are ready to go.

If you are like me and despise all things admin you should steer clear of those type of opportunities.  Affiliate marketing like Nuclear Affiliate is still some of the most successful and easiest ways to earn money on the internet.  Anyone can use it and there is not a product under the sun that does not get covered by some sort of affiliate network.

Moving on to more ‘serious’ opportunities.  Do you know that you can buy Reseller Rights to thousands of products?  Once you have a reseller  licence you can sell the goods as your own – pocketing all the income.  Franchises are also available online.

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Okay, I’ve had a ball discovering just some of the online opportunities but I think it’s time to get back to the point.  And if you are still reading this you are just the type of reader that I am looking for.  You are looking for something legit – something you can do yourself, call your own and be proud about.  If you are tired of promises like the above illustrated ones, relax and spend a moment thinking what you want from your own business.

I’ll drop you one last link for today:  The Wealthy Brain Hack.  It’s a program about using your subconscious mind to work in your favor.  Personally I love everything related to a person’s mind and how it works.  I’ve watched the video just to try and figure out what method they are using.

Moral of the story?  I found something I love.  It isn’t work to me, and it’s easy to talk about it to others.  The best part:  if you clicked on the above link you just made me $3 even if you didn’t buy anything.

This is what I’m talking about.  Don’t get worked up in a hype because of lots of advertised opportunities.  Find your own and make sure that it fits you.  You’ll be far more likely to succeed.

Something to remember is that there is a huge difference between the online world and the ‘real’ world.  In reality I am not good at marketing at all.  Online it becomes a completely different ball game.  I suggest not writing off options right away because its not right for you in ‘real’ life.  Think about it, give it a try and see where it gets you.

Whatever you do online, you will have to type.  I know that everyone isn’t as good at typing as others and I know that not all people can create a story from nothing.  Again – don’t discard a possibility on these factors alone.  Once you start doing something you will soon realize how easy it comes with practice.

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What do you love?

Strange question but it’s the key to your whole business.  Passion sells.  You don’t need to know all the facts to be able to do something – learning is easy.  However, passion can’t be faked.  Remember when we spoke about credibility?  The surest way to make potential customers run is faking passion.  It screams that you don’t care about your clients, you are willing to lie to take their money.  That does not build credibility at all.

Rule of thumb – ALWAYS work with things you know and love.  NEVER try to sell something that you aren’t passionate about.

So, what do you love?  Anything can be translated into a business.  Finding products in any industry is easy.  Take some time to think about what you want from this business and who you are as a business owner.  You need to decide on the amount of time you are willing to invest.  How much are you willing to type?  What would you love to promote or sell?

Where do you dream of ending up?


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